International shipping exports

International shipping exports:
★ Provide booking, customs clearance, yard packing, origin packing, commodity inspection, animal and plant inspection, warehousing and ground transportation services.
★Provide related cargo unpacking, customs clearance, delivery, delivery, etc.
★ Provide full container and LCL transportation services.
★ Provide related cargo unpacking, customs clearance, delivery, delivery and other door-to-door services.
★ Acting for marine transportation insurance business.
★ Provide real-time information tracking and feedback service for marine cargo.
★ At any time, we can accept various consultations such as customer routes, ship dynamics, and transportation expenses.

International shipping imports:
★Accept the client’s entrustment, use domestic and foreign agency relations, and undertake import business from all over the world to China’s major ports.
★ Provide services such as order adjustment, customs clearance, inspection, animal and plant quarantine, and terminal receiving of imported goods.
★ Provide direct delivery of FCL and unpacking and distribution of LCL cargo.
★ Accept the reporting business of importing large and heavy goods from abroad.
★ Send the arrival information to the consignee and consignor at home and abroad in a timely manner.
★Provide the transportation of imported goods to the inland areas.